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About the product


It is a financial technological product composed of exclusive and limited BHF-Tokens packages (interchangeable by the fully regulated BHM-Tokens), where each token is backed by a 0.00000004% co-ownership of the Blue Hill Mine.
This digital product is born from the strategic alliance and partnership of GWE with the Blue Hill Foundation, creator of the BHF-Tokens. Since GWE is a driver and investor in the Blue Hill Foundation, it obtains a BHF-Tokens package for this support.
Powermine Evolution puts them at your disposal to share access to the crypto-active market, the evolution of crypto-currencies.

A competitive product



GWE, promoter of projects developed with Blockchain technology, firmly believes that active crypto and security tokens (the evolution of cryptocurrencies) will be consolidated in the investment market in the coming years.


1 Powermine = 1 BHF-Tokens. Through Powermine, a BHF-Tokens = $ 0.30 (in packages up to $ 0.24). In the market, once exchanged for the fully regulated BHM-Tokens, it will be listed at $ 0.45, with a $ 30 Buyback Plan.

Limited offer

A key feature of POWERMINE is that it is limited and exclusive for Powermine Evolution members. GWE creates POWERMINE (BHF-Tokens packages) up to 6,000,000 BHF-Tokens or until the launch of the STO.

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A real Mine project

What is Blue Hill Mining?

It’s a real mining project powered by Blue Hill Foundation and GWE. The project has 2 objectives: first one, to validate at international standards, the geological studies done during 8 years on “Blue Hill Mine”, the size of Liechtenstein, rich in gold, copper and cobalt (among others), aimed to place the mine in the Stock Market specialized in mines. Second, to develop the “Blue Hill Platform”, a fair trade platform for traceable commodities based in Blockchain Technology. The project will make an Security Tokens Offering, or cripto-actives, regulated (STO) as financing strategy.


Powermine Evolution Timeline


Choose your tokens package


  • 722 tokens
  • -
  • -
  • 722 total tokens
  • $0,38 token price




  • 2.915 tokens
  • 11.8% extra tokens
  • 343 extra tokens
  • 3.258 total tokens
  • $0,34 token price




  • 14.612 tokens
  • 26.7% extra tokens
  • 3.897 extra tokens
  • 18.509 total tokens
  • $0,30 token price



Do you have a question?

Unregulated asset-backed BHF-Tokens with a co-ownership of the “Blue Hill Mine” of 0.00000004% each token, and only interchangeable for the fully regulated BHM-Token.
Powermine is a product developed by GWE for Powermine Evolution. GWE is a partner of the Blue Hill Foundation, promoter of the Blue Hill Mining project.
Once the Blue Hill Mining project ends its offer of value tokens (STO), you can check its calendar at
Powermine is a product created by GWE for Powermine Evolution. GWE owns the BHF-Tokens contained in the Powermine packages and partner of Blue Hill Foundation, owner of the percentage of the "Blue Hill Mine" that supports each of the BHF-Tokens with a 0.00000004% co-ownership.
The BHF-Token can currently be purchased at $0.30 (in packages from $ 0.24). The current value of the asset that supports the BHF-Tokens can be found at, and it’s calculated using a valuation formula accepted by the International mining standards of 20-30% of the resources of the mine according to the current market value. Once in the STO the BHM-Token will have an estimated starting price between $ 0.14 and $ 0.30, depending on the results of the new explorations. Then it will be listed in the market at $ 0.45 (value that can also vary depending on the new scans). Once the price is listed, it may vary according to the market..
Yes, when the asset that supports the token reaches $30, the Buyback Plan of all issued tokens that are in the market will be activated in order to place the asset that supports it in the Stock Market specialized in mines..