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About the product


POWERMINE begins a new chapter. Since april the 2nd POWERMINE is a BHF-Tokens package (asset-backed tokens) that allows you to participate in the PRE-STO, a gateway to Blue Hill Mining, which is made by Blue Hill Foundation as a financing strategy.
POWERMINE put this opportunity at disposal of Mizers, whom in other way, could have a very difficult access to this kind of financing stage. The BHF-Tokens will be received when Blue Hill Foundation finishes its Pre-STO, and these will be exchanged for BHM-Tokens.
*All the POWERMINE shares of the previous campaign will be exchanged by BHF-Tokens.

A competitive product


Corporative Background

GWE is a group of financiers who firmly believe in the Blockchain technology and its applications, specialized in support and development of products and services for STO and new ICO projects as for example POWERMINE.


To participate in the PRE-STO, where 1 Powemine = 1 BHF-Token. Via Powermine, the BHF-Token costs $0.06 (in packs up to $0.045); while in the STO it’ll cost $0.14. Afterwards retail price will be $0.45 and finally bought in the Buyback Plan at $30..

Limited offer

One key characteristic of POWERMINE is that it’s limited and exclusive for the registered Mize Network’s members. The package’s stock will end at the end of the PRE-STO (August 31st) and the BHF-Tokens limit is 140 M.

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It’s a real Mine

What is Blue Hill Mining and Why the BHF-Token?

Blue Hill Mining is a Swiss regulated Security Token Offering (STO) supported by Swisscom Blockchain. It’s objective is to validate a mine land (the size of the Liechtenstein country) for extracting gold, copper, cobalt (among others) and develop the "Blue Hill Mining Platform" (B.H.Platform), a Blockchain based trading platform for traceable commodities.
BHF-Token is a gateway to Blue Hill Mining as a financing strategy, via PRE-STO, as a non regulated asset-backed token with the right to the 0.00000004% co-ownership of the Blue Hill Mine (one of the largest copper reserves in Asia). After, the BHF-tokens will be exchanged for the fully Swiss regulated BHM tokens.

Our journey

The Powermine Timeline


Choose your tokens package


  • 3.250 tokens
  • -
  • -
  • 3.250 total tokens
  • $0,085 token price




  • 65.766 tokens
  • 54,5% extra tokens
  • 35.872 extra tokens
  • 101.638 total tokens
  • $0,055 token price



Do you have any questions?

You get a number of BHF-Tokens (non regulated asset-backed Tokens with a co-ownership of the Blue Hill Mine), which will be delivered in your Mize’s back-office, at the end of the PRE-STO. Afterwards, the BHF-Tokens will be exchanged by BHM-Tokens at the end of the STO.
Powermine is a product developed by GWE, who is a promoting partner of the Blue Hill Mining project next to Blue Hill Foundation.
According to the Blue Hill Mining token distribution calendar, at the end of the STO.
Powermine is a product marketed by Mize Network. Until april 2nd, Powermine consists of shares of the tokens to which GWE is entitled as a partner of the company that owns the Blue Hill Mining project. For this reason, according to the contract and legal clauses of the agreement, the Powermine shares have the real guarantee of the percentage corresponding to the ownership of the mine, equivalent to the value of the shares owned by GWE. After april, 2nd, Powermine consists of BHF-tokens.
The BHM-Token will be listed in the crypto market at 45 cents (although the price may vary once listed). Using an accepted valuation formula from 20% to 30% of the total resources of the mine according to the current market value..
Yes, since Blue Hill Mining's IPO strategy must have all the BHM Tokens, the appraised value of the BHM-Token is now set at 30 dollars for its repurchase..